The Kodava Costume

Costumes, eating habits, beliefs, rituals, and body language are just some aspects which are largely influenced by a culture. Culture, indeed plays a huge role in shaping us, hence it won’t hurt to say that culture defines us. It defines who we are and what we are supposed to be. It tells us what to believe in and the traditions we should follow, which in the long run is what makes us who we are.

One of the aspects of culture is the costume. The way we dress and how we dress are also highly culture specific. The simplest example of this is how we Indians have saris as the national costume for women. This style of dressing is deep rooted in our culture. Hence every country has a national costume or one would rather say, their own style of dressing/costume which is influenced by their culture.India being a land of multiple ethnicities, every state in the country has its own set of traditions and values. Apart from this, they have their own style of dressing too. Very often, we even guess which part of the country the person belongs to by just looking at the costume they are wearing. Such is the importance of costume/dressing.Coorg, our very own Scotland, has its own style of dressing too. Their traditional costume is highly distinctive. Hence one look at the costume and we know that the individual is from the Kodava land.The traditional Kodava costume for men is the ‘Kupya’, a knee length half sleeved coat. This Kupya is worn over a full sleeved white shirt. The costume doesn’t end here. Apart from the coat, a maroon and gold sash called the ‘Chale’ is tied at the waist.A beautifully decorated silver dagger called the ‘Peechekathi’ is tucked into the chale. One might ask why a silver dagger is part of the Kodava costume.


Well, the significance of it lies in the Kodava culture. Weapons, such as daggers, play a significant role in their culture. Moreover, weapons are worshipped by them. Hence the dagger being part of their costume is just a representation of their culture. Men’s Traditional CostumeApart from Peechekathi, Odikathi, a knife, is also tucked into the Chale, at the back.When it comes to the Kodava women, their traditional costume stands apart. This is because of the unique way in which they wear their saris. The sari is pleated at the back and its pallu is also wrapped in a unique way. The sari is worn with a full or three-fourth sleeved blouse and the head is covered with a scarf. A gold beaded necklace with a gem pendant is largely worn among the Kodava women.

kodava his description of their costume is enough for one to know how distinctive the Kodava culture is. Their attire is not just unique but also pleasing in appearence and highly representative of their land


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Book Homestay in Coorg

These days, people hardly find time to arrange a complete holidays for them. The main reason behind holidays is to dig up mental and physical relaxation. Now in these recent times, people are spending their lives in an advanced age where they are undergoing different kinds of exhausting activities on a daily basis. The most excellent place to loosen up your exhaustion is home but this is not easy to take rest there as the huge chaos of city and several further issues keep you stressed up all the time. In this respect, they make a decision to arrange holidays at such place where they can take pleasure in the nature. There is no doubt that everybody can book resort or hotel room for their holidays. There are numerous chances everywhere in this regard. But if you like to find something different, then Homestay accommodation in coorg is the best place to go for. If you want to take pleasure of your holidays, then you should book Homestay in Coorg instantly. You may discover several homestays that are presenting the best quality services to the customers.
You cannot say that to book online homestay in coorg is an easy task. On the other hand, it is not a difficult task too. It all relies on your requirements throughout your stay. It relies on which location in Coorg you like to see as well. The most excellent technique to discover the most excellent homestay for you is to search out from the guide lists. That stuff will make you able to see and evaluate diverse sites and you can choose the area that you like the most. All such guides give you detailed information about all the homestays. You can also say that these guides are quite informative for people from every aspect of life. Utilizing these guides makes you sure that your trip will be full of entertainment and there will be no disturbance throughout the holidays. As this idea is not much old therefore, people may believe it a little bit hard but actually if you utilize the right tools, then it will not be a hard thing to do at all.

At any time, when you visit Coorg, there is no doubt that there are several locations that are worth seeing. At the same time, selecting the correct home stay for yourself will put in excitement to your holidays. It will also save you lot of money and will enable you to spend your money on numerous further things. Nobody can reject the reality that everybody likes to save money to take pleasure in the most excellent holidays arrangements. So to book online hotel booking is a reasonable chance for everybody in an exceptional and marvelous way. These homestays provide an extensive range of opportunities to people and they can choose the best one according to their taste. In the last, the most important thing which you must keep in mind is your financial budget. Select that which fulfills all your financial needs and requirements. So, to take pleasure in holidays, you should book a homestay in coorg at reasonable rates by giving extra feeling to the holidays with all homely qualities in every manner.

What to do in Coorg?

It might have happen to you many times during your vacations that you do not plan what to do in the place which you are going to visit. Well if it is so, then we can say that you should change the ways of your thinking. It is because if you don’t plan about it, then in the end you are likely to leave many places to discover and watch before leaving back to your home. So to stop this thing from happening to you again and to leave no stone unturned in your holiday’s location, let us discuss some of the things which you should do in the beautiful place named Coorg.

Basically, Coorg is located in the district of Karnataka which is present in India. This small but yet beautiful place is covered by mountainous hills covered with lush green dense forests. Moreover, this place is especially known for its vast plantation and production of tea and coffee plants. The fast flowing River also adds extra beauty to this place. Last but not the least, this place is located more than 1000 ft above the sea level which makes all the things look more beautiful and natural. Last but not the least, the people who visit this place may live at homes of some local residents as well. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no hotels in there.

rafting in coorg

To be honest, Coorg tourism describe place perfectly , all the things to do when we visit this place. Firstly, the people who love to walk should visit the dense forests in which there are plants and trees of different kinds. The big and huge trees provide a perfect scene to take snaps and then save them for refreshing the memory of your memorable trip.

Secondly, coorg attraction are forests which located on the mountainous hills, so what you need to do is to take your hiking shoes and stuff with you. It is because hiking is a real fun to do but it is a bit tiring thought. However, if the purpose is to enjoy your holidays, then doing this thing is a must.

Coorg attraction

In our cities, we all know that pollution is not allowing us to enjoy the beautiful and healthful air. However, people think that the air which they take in is pure but when you will visit Coorg ,then you just need to have a walk in the planted fields of tea and coffee and then you will realize that how pure the air in your auto mobile city and Coorg. The air here in the tea and coffee fields of Coorg has a scent of these two things which makes people realize about how much natural this place is.

Last but not the least, if you like fishing, then you can give it a go in the nearby fast flowing river as well. Almost every one of us like fishing but never get a chance to do but here in this place, we get this chance as well and to be honest eating the fish by catching with your own hands is real fun.
Most recent event in coorg is  The 16th Kodava Hockey Festival in Ammathi , Kodagu
See Live Score of Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012

Why to Book Online Homestay in Coorg?

Coorg is a word that has the meaning “deep forests on steep hills”. Coorg is a small place in a small district of Karnataka in southern India. It is very well known for its rich and delicious food and loving and caring people. It lies at 1525 meters above the sea level. Until a few years back, this place was not very well known to the people. In the past few years, this state earned a lot of fame among the travelers and tourists from all parts of the world. It is naturally bestowed with lush green forests, rippling streets, misty hills, orange groves, acres of coffee and tea plantations, breath taking landscapes and many other views. It is due to all this natural beauty that this place has many other names as well like Kashmir of Karnataka and Scotland of India. One of the famous rivers that is named as Kaveri is also situated here in this state. Another attractive feature of this place is the Nagrahole National Park where a number of animals are living and are a source of great entertainment and amusement to the people visiting this place. Thus, it will be right to say that this place is a complete package for nature lovers as well as the people who are fanatic about outdoor activities during vacation. In short, for all those people from all parts of the world who are looking to plan a vacation that is full of thrill or those who want to have peace during holidays must book online homestay in Coorg.    


One may find homestays at places where there are acres of plantations like tea, coffee, rubber, cardamom and so on. Homestays are usually eco friendly and are meant to offer natural peace to the minds of the people visiting these places. They enable people to see the breath taking views of the valleys and mountains with cool and pleasant air rich in the aroma of roasted beans of coffee or tea or any other plantations which is there. If we talk about Coorg, then there are a number of homestays here. All these  coorg homestay no doubt provide an alternative experience of heaven on this Earth. They offer a number of different packages that are economical so that maximum number of people can enjoy their holidays in Coorg. In other words, it will not be wrong to say that these packages are meant to entertain people from all walks of life. These packages offer opportunity to people to see and select the package that they think will meet all their needs and requirements during their stay. Thus, it makes the activity to book homestay in Coorg easier for the people.     

In short, it can be concluded that in order to book online homestay in Coorg, one need to make use of the right tools in the right place. Little careful home work will lead one to an unforgettable vacation with one’s family members and loved ones in every sense.


See Live Score of Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012.

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Be a Part of Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012

The 16th Kodava hockey festival in Coorg will start from April 21st and end on May 13th this year in Ammathi. The MR Anil Iychettira family will be organising this year’s kodava hockey festival. Iychettira Hockey Cup Around 250 teams and over 3 lakh people are expected to witness this tournament.

Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012

The Kodava hockey festival was started in the year 1997 and was the brainchild of 69 year old Pandanda Kuttappa who was a first division hockey referee and an ex-employee of State Bank of India. He conceived the idea of creating a platform in which the different Kodava families can get together. Realising the passion of hockey in Kodagu, he decided that a hockey festival would be a good event to bring Kodavas together. He also chose the hockey festival because he was disturbed about the growth of junior hockey players from Kodagu.The finances required for the inaugural tournament were provided by Kuttappa himself. The response however was lukewarm and this tournament held at Karada and called as Pandanda Cup attracted only around 60 families. Some rules were framed which included that all the team members must belong to the same family (surname) and participate in a full hockey attire. Even women could be a part of the team and it was left to the woman to decide whether she wants to represent the father’s family or that of the husband’s.

After the inaugural tournament, an academy called as The Kodava Hockey Academywas started to oversee and have the final say in all matters related to the future tournaments.

See Live Score of Iychettira Hockey Cup 2012

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